Prayer For My Love

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Loving you for a long time
Seek goodness and caress
Exploiting my true means to you
Enormous feelings from my heart
Spend my time for your life
Until my hair grew white
Withered my blood
Kiss an eternal freedom
Forever shall I pray for our love
Untill my last breathe
Forever untilI I die.
I love you,
my sweetest baby.

I Am Not Normal (About me)

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Sometimes I dreamt awake
For them it's not normal
I felt this always,no mistake
Listening,singing not vocal

Shoes tied backwards to my feet
Tooth aching,scratching my teeth
Heart aching,punching it deep
Going to school not walking,taking a leap!

Writing upside-down
Smiling not making a frown
Im not a king,but I have a crown
Ruling an empire full of laughing clown

Call me insane,call me crazy
This my normal life,I'm not lazy
I am not studying,but I am buzy
I'm not doing anything but I am dizzy

There is no conclusion nor excemption
My story has no definition
My life is short and can't be extend
So I'm not imitating or to pretend

I'm one and only in this universe
Anytime I can die and can't be reverse
You can do it by rehearse
That's why I am a person that is diverse

Elizabeth Bathory (Prayer)

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Come to me clouds.
May you rise your soul as an evil storm
Born to rip them open
Let the cover of night
Bear witness and destroy
Who resist so they
Shall harm me not,
Let the blood of many
Cleanse me,Preserving
Beauty Eternal
I pray you.

(This is came from the movie:"Stay Alive". I Just dont want to forget this prayer. It gives me the creep.I just like it.[sic] prayer. Just want to share)

D+A=Sin (OLD)

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I commited Eternal-damnation sin
There's a lot I've seen
Hungry and thin
Don't ask me
How I've been

O,Lord,O God!
Forgive me with my sins
I know this is illegal
She drag me
With her spell

I know I've disapointed you
That's because I love her
No one else do

I've stabbed my heart 143 times
And that has only one meaning

The demonic creature
Is in love with an

Watch The World

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As my life goes by
Same as the sea and the sky
Changing weather and seasons
Growing grasses and lawns

Withered trees,dried leave
Changing levels,salted sea
Bluish sky,white clouds
Seen this,as I can't hear any sounds

Surely the world seems great
So is the creator
Many generation have passed
But it seem unforgettable scenes

God watched all of this
And so are the trees
Still standin,still strong
Harden pathway,cracked wall

History had been made
All the changes are on many books
Animals live,some of them dies

I wish I'm with the earth
Seeing how the world goes by
It seems thousands and million years passed

So this why Im telling you this
'Coz I want you and me
Watch the world as goes by
Day and Night

Pitty Your Soul

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Dryad of hope,make it reign
Chaos of love,feel their pain
I don't know what they did to me
Just kill those haters,and foolish thee

Vomit!Go throw up!
Pathetic little girl
Soulless,mortal woman
I will squeez your little chicken heart

Stay here!Underworld awaits your soul
Soulbounded life of yours
I will be the demon of your life
Disgusted,watching you
While they are scrapping your knee
Pyre stinging your skin like a bee
Laugh and let it be!

Earth hates you, and so am I
I will eat you and loving you till you die
Haha! Did I just say "LOVE"
I don't have any of those

They will tapped your big mouth
They will swallow your eyes
They will fry your ears
They will throw your life
To the boiling lava of death

Goodbye,dear classmate!
This is a curse and you are my


Changing Phases

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Falling hair from my thick head
Blood sweating from my emptied brain
Blasting and burning tears from my blinded eye
No words had been spoken from my silent mouth

My veins react the way I don't used to
Stomach aching from every beat of my undying heart
Beating,aching for my foolish life
This has just began,don't waste it and don't ran

My blood is draining through my chest
Blew blood pavement away!
Away from me and don't come back
'Coz I'm done and hitting just my luck

Tortured love I'm feeling right now
Tortured from those fools who hated me
They are angry idiots and don't even know
That I am the only one whom they love
They love me 'coz they are my favorite enemy

Thick black skulls,away my pain
Kiss me!Slap me! Let snow fell like rain
Forsaken life and I love it
I want to kill you and spread your blood
Your dirty pathetic blood in my room
Frame your face and make it filthy dry

Your beauty is so dirty
Your way of life is filthy
They don't love you,they hated you
Grow a life and forgive yourself for what you do!

The Blogger,Poet and a Song-writer:]

The Blogger,Poet and a Song-writer:]